You’ll be charmed by Phil Vischer’s book “Sidney and Norman”

Smitten by Sidney

About a decade ago I read a book written by Phil Vischer about two pigs with two very different personalities and self-images.  

Sidney the pig is messy.  He forgets things and is late which frustrates those around him.  He also is frustrated by himself.  He doesn’t measure up well compared to those around him who seem to have it more together.  

Norman the pig, on the other hand, is tidy and organized.  Things come easy to him and does things “right”.  He’s self-assured and considers himself a “good” pig.  Norman assumed everyone could be as good as him if they tried harder.  He often wondered why they didn’t.

Two pigs.  Two different self-images and two ways of looking at others.

One day God sends an invite to each pig to come for a visit.  Sidney is fearful.  Norman is expecting praise.  What happens is a fun reversal of expectations.  Messy Sidney is encouraged by being told 3 times that God loves him.  Norman is also told that he is loved.  God also reminds Norman not to look down on others whom He loves.

It’s a delightful book.  It’s hard to find, but is available to buy used online.

Snout Pattern

The pig puppet is built using a pattern I’ve developed.  I’m calling it the “snout pattern” right now.  I changed the nose area to make it into a pig, but the base shape is more generic.   I’m hoping to publish this pattern as a universal shape that could be designed into an animal or a human character.  The “nose” is a slightly pointed tip as seen in the photo below.  Let me know if this shape appeals you as a potential pattern offering on my website.  Until then, see my other patterns available to purchase.

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